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DanzaNova is a virtuoso world quintet that explores and re-imagines music originating from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. The quintet’s distinctive sound and improvisational creativity provide an exhilarating experience for all audiences.
Composer/accordionist Ronn Yedidia founded the group in 2009 with an unparalleled ensemble of world-class musicians: violinist Lara St. John, guitarist Giacomo La Vita, bassist Eddy Khaimovich, and percussionist David Silliman.
DanzaNova’s emphasis is on stylistic versatility within chamber unity, and the players display their abilities in segments of free improvisation - blending traditional ethnic styles with modern techniques and executing them with breathtaking virtuosity. The ensemble also performs a series of original compositions by Ronn Yedidia in their programmatic pilgrimage to world music.  

“It was pure ethnic music which left the audience ecstatic with boundless pleasure!” (The Epoch Times)
" a shower of sparks and smoke from a Gypsy's bonfire." (The Ottowa Citizen)
"...there are layers of pathos and ethos to be discovered."
(All About Jazz)


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